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Product/Item Name:Delicate Eye Cream 50 ml. All Skin Types-Bio Marine
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Delicate Eye Cream 50 ml. All Skin Types-Bio Marine

A delicate moisturizer that is particularly suitable for the

 fine and sensitive skin aroung the eyes. Smoothes the

 skin and delays the aging process. Pleasant to the

touch, and easily absorbed.

50 ml

What is the Triple Effect Complex?

The Triple Effect Complex in the Bio Marine series is based on the power of the unique natural minerals of the Dead Sea, combined with Dunaliella seaweed. Dunaliella is the only seaweed to live in the depths of the Dead Sea, and is packed with its essential minerals. The series is also enriched with vital and active vitamins, combined with Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9, which are also known for their unique properties and positive effects in facial skin care.

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